Customized Fine Grinding Plants

  • The REKORD series of GMP- and industrial mills are the core element of our tailored grinding plants. The JEHMLICH modular system provides a full set of individual solutions:
    • product charge
    • ATEX protection
    • dosing and weighing
    • pneumatic transport
    • filter systems
    • product discharge and sagging
    • conditioning/cryogenic milling, inerting
    • security systems as well as for audit-proof operating data logging

    Turn key grinding systems are made to order, backed up by milling performance trials. JEHMLICH’s one-stop offering comprises the complete planning, engineering, manufacturing and installation of complex, standalone grinding systems or for integration into master controls on site. We can conduct the plant installation and commissioning as well as operator training globally, and guarantee spare parts availability during the lifetime of the plant. The range of application is very broad: from industrial sugar grinding plants to smaller scale turn key systems in an hygienic design, with IQ/OQ/PQ validation for high demanding industrial process and product quality demands.
    Examples of installations
    Sugar Mills and Sugar Grinding Plants
    ATEX compliant Sugar Mills and Sugar Grinding Plants are used for pulverizing crystal sugar to icing sugar in different degrees of fineness. There are several standard components for sugar feeding and discharging - either for batch or continuous processing. This milling system can be made of mild steel or stainless steel. Optional Equipment for Sugar Mills include:
    • Sugar feeding with dosing sieve and bag emptying system for 50 kg bags (110 lb)
    • Icing sugar output in exchangeable containers with dust aspiration
    • Icing sugar output in pneumatic conveying systems
    • >Icing sugar output with calibratable weighing system
    • Made of stainless steel

    Spice Grinding Plants
    JEHMLICH spice grinding plants are based on REKORD wide chamber mills and REKORD universal impact mills in 4 size classes. The wide chamber pin mills are suited especially well for grinding heat-sensitive spices and herbs with high oil content. Continuous production over a longer period may be realized also for difficult types of spices. Both pin discs’ rotation speed and direction are variable and provide flexibility for gentle processing with optimal preservation of essential oils The raw product profile is critical for individual plant layouts.
    The REKORD universal mills allow flexible setups with turbo, ripple, pin and beater discs. Best processing parameters are defined in the JEHMLICH testing center. The modular JEHMLICH grinding plants are delivered turnkey with the main elements: feeding, dosing and weighing, grinding, dedusting, filter unit, connection with existing systems, bag filling and weighing, controls and optionally milling air conditioning.

    Grinding Plants in Hygienic Design
    Universal GMP grinding plants are designed for pulverizing batches in a GMP-regulated production area such as the pharmaceutical industry.
    Compact plant design for systems up to 150kg/h which can be dismantled in a few quick steps for cleaning. Possible features include:
    • Flexible production possible due to different feeding systems
    • Explosion protection via nitrogen inertization
    • Closed circulation system with air conditioning

    For bigger batches up to 800 kg/h in a GMP-regulated production area, the system can also be equipped with:
    • Bag emptying station with dust extraction
    • Product discharge into drum for grinding tests or blender filling via pneumatic conveying

    Compact Grinding Plants
    Universal mills for use in laboratories, in test centers or for the production of smaller batches.

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