Inline mixers

  • Inline mixers from Daniatech are the most energy efficient solution for inline high shear mixing on the market thanks to the extremely efficient high shear pump (up to 45% pump efficiency).
    These mixing systems - designed for low to medium viscosities - are integrated into a table ensuring an ergonomic working height.
    Designed according to EHEDG guidelines, they offer an excellent level of hygiene.
    Inline mixers can be used as a light homogenizer. Powder can be added manually or automatically from bulk or big bags. When installed in a circulation loop over a process vessel, inline mixers can also operate in a batch operation.
    The InjectMaster is used for the manual addition of free-flowing powder and non-gelling powders.
    The systems works according to the venturi principle: during operation, the mixing wheel accelerates the liquid and creates a vacuum in the injector pipe, which sucks in the powder from the powder funnel. The amount of powder is controlled by a manual butterfly valve.

    In the LiquidMaster the powder is dosed into the vessel above the liquid surface.
    The level can be controlled manually by a butterfly valve on the inlet pipe or by a relay-based level control system.
    The mixer unit circulates approx. 75% of the liquid back into the vessel.
    The mixer unit is very versatile and can be used in many setups and applications

Liquidmaster Datasheet technical information


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