Rekord Impact Mills

  • The REKORD impact mills series for GMP applications and heavy duty industrial use have been developed and improved by Jehmlich for decades.
    The units are employed as pin mills in tailored rotor and stator layouts, turbo mills with variable sieve inserts, beater mills with grinding rings and sieve inserts as well as fluted disc mills with variable grinding gap.
    The REKORD mills series’ modular design provides full flexibility in operating and retrofitting the units with all available individual grinding elements and sieve inserts. Depending on the product, minimum grain sizes of below 5 µm are achievable. For the broad variety of applications of these impact mills, we are developing ever new customized layouts to generate optimal production results. Our aggregates’ drives comply with latest energy efficiency standards.

    The REKORD Impact Mills are available in two series
    REKORD A to D
    Universal mills for laboratory scale as well as for industrial production. The robust mill body made of cast iron ensures a variety of applications.
    Key features of the REKORD A to D are:
    • Optional in mild or stainless steel
    • Pressure shock resistant designs for grinding explosive materials
    • Sealing gas for bearing
    • With automatic lubrication system for bearing, temperature or vibration monitoring as required
    • Food suitable sealings

    REKORD 224 to 630 GMP
    The REKORD 224 to 630 series in hygienic design is a further development of the proven REKORD A to D series and mainly used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. For this new series, the standards of hygienic design have been implemented. This means a dead-leg-free interior design as well as a quick and easy dismantling for cleaning which is essential for pharmaceutical and food production. Depending on the design size, the mill body can be dismantled into single parts for cleaning in a validated cleaning process. The easy-to-clean mill casings are pressure-shock resistant
    A compact and dust-proof drive case with slopes ensures cleaning of the production area as easily as possible.
    Key features of the REKORD 224 to 630 series are:
    • Stainless steel
    • Pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar in each design size
    • Sealing gas for bearing
    • With automatic lubrication system for bearing, temperature or vibration monitoring as required
    • FDA-compliant sealings
    • Internal surfaces polished Ra ≤ 0,8 µm as required
    • Dustproof drive case
    • Designed for cryogenic grinding

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