• Engisol offers a complete range of high shear mixers for liquid/solids and liquid/liquid high shear mixing applications.
  • The core of these high shear mixing systems is the rotor – stator configuration where a special closed mixing wheel passes the product through patented slots.
  • This innovative high shear mixing technology developed by our partner Daniatech (in cooperation with Packo pumps) offers major advantages in terms of investment (Capex) and operational cost (Opex) in comparision with other available technologies on the market. We offer a complete range of standard solutions for inline as well as batch operation, for manual or automatic operation, for a wide range of capacities and applications..
  • If you don’t find the solution you need in our standard range of products we can customize our products tailored to your needs..
  • We work by the motto: Test before you Invest. As a result we can supply test equipment on a rental basis or we can facilitate tests in the test facilities of Daniatech at Haarby, Funen, in Denmark
  • Engisol offers a full range of industrial milling and grinding solutions. Proven technology
  • made in Germany - from our partner Jehmlich
  • Since 1919 Jehmlich have developed and optimized a wide range of products for coarse and fine grinding, separating and dosing of solids.
  • The engineers at Jehmlich possess deep material and process knowhow and deliver consistent process quality, safety and economics with their components, customized solutions and engineered projects for a wide range of customers in the food value chain and other industries. .
  • Last but not least we can offer a full range of services including consulting and different testing options for testing for lab scale as well as for industrial scale.
  • JEHMLICH machines and plants are, as required, ATEX compliant, in accordance with FDA and EU food-grade manufacturing and cGMP regulations and comply with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and current accident prevention provisions (UVV)