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Why is Mass Flow the preferred powder discharge pattern and Matcon Cone Valve IBCs ensure mixed powder products remain consistent throughout production.

New innovations from our partner SiccaDania Filtration such as LeanFlux make it possible to significantly reduce the present environmental impact from 

Do you want to reduce the complexity of the intake ports to the extruder in your plant-based meat substitute manufacturing line?

This Daniatech ProcessMaster 1000VAA is equipped with a pressurised tank up to 3 Bar, co-axial agitator, steam jacket and a heating/cooling unit.

Waarom zou men een universele REKORD maalmolen van JEHMLICH inzetten voor een specifieke toepassing?

Over the past few months, we have been working hard on realizing our new website and you can now see and feel the new look.

In close cooperation with Daniatech we are happy to announce a successful completed commissioning of the LabMaster high shear vacuum mixer

We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with the Food Pilot in Belgium where we are going to deliver a LabMaster vacuum high shear pilot mixer soon.